Zing Body Cleanse Tea

Zing Body Cleanse Tea


Zing Body Cleanse Tea is an all-natural herbal laxative tea formulated to assist with regularity and inner balance.  The unique blend of cleansing herbs stimulates the bowel and allows the cleansing of the digestive system. Integrating Zing Body Cleanse into your lifestyle will ensure you're performing at your best and ready to tackle challenges head on, day in and day out. 

  • Caffeine Free
  • Made from 100% all natural ingredients
  • Preservative Free
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours

  • 100% Australian owned and produced
  • Manufactured in a GMP Facility


Directions for use:

14 Day: Infuse one tea bag in a cup and allow to steep 3-5 minutes. Drink one cup of Body Cleanse tea every night.

Weekend or intermittent use: Infuse one tea bag in a cup and allow to steep 3-5 minutes. Drink one cup of Body Cleanse tea on the weekends or 3-4 times a week, at night.

Each tea bag contains:

Senna alexandrina dry leaf - 2760mg, Extracts equivalent to dry - Crataegus pinnatifida fruit - 360mg, Alisma orientale tuber - 240mg, Plantago asiatica seed - 360mg, Nelumbo nucifera leaf - 420mg, Hordeum vulgare fruit * - 240mg, Citrus aurantifolia fruit - 420mg, Senna tora seed - 360mg

*Contains gluten

Additional Information

Prolonged use may cause serious bowel problems. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before taking this product. Use for children under 12 years old is not recommended.

Do not use when abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting are present or if you develop diarrhoea. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner. Not to be consumed for more than 28 days.



All Zing Health Tea range (except Boost Tea) are TGA listed and laboratory tested. We guarantee the quality of our products.


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